Hiya, welcome to my blog.

So first post usually starts with a bit of an about me and what to expect so here goes…!

About Me.

I’m a 32 year old, single, working Mummy of one.

I’m a part-time administrator and qualified beauty therapist.

My daughter is 9 and is truly wonderful. She makes me ridiculously proud on a daily basis with her kindness and intelligence, but she’s also a mega show off so, swings and roundabouts and all that hey? 2 years ago she decided she wanted to be an actress (I’ve been waiting for her to tell me that since she could talk, we all knew…) since then she has been in feature film The Four Warriors, pantomimes and shows and short films for local film makers. She takes musical theatre lessons at the wonderful Groundlings Theatre School in Portsmouth. We have a lot of fun but it’s also sometimes quite a struggle, being a single mum with a job and no car, so I wanted a place to share the ups and downs of our crazy little life.

I have a very dry, verging on inappropriate, sense of humour. If it’s one of those ‘I shouldn’t laugh’ moments, you can guarantee I’m already laughing.

We live on the South Coast, in a rented house with our little superdog Yorkie ‘Lola’.

I like to cook. I try to make things as healthy as possible (not because I’m a SuperMum but because I’m a fat bastard and I’m constantly on a diet) so will post a few recipes of the fat free(-ish) dishes I like to make.

I love vintage fashions and interiors so will also be posting idea’s and showing the crap I pick up in charity shops and car boot sales.

Hope you enjoy reading!



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